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I'm Tracy...

If we haven’t bumped into each other at the park or Whole Foods, then...

Personal trainer and nutrition coach at your service! 


Lover of all things nature, travel, and food.


After running my own private studio for 10+ years

I started to realize how lack of TIME was one of the top constraints my clients had. 


If fact, it wasn't just my clients, I felt it too! I didn't have time for 60+minute workouts anymore and TBH, I didn't want to workout that long! #realtalk

So, with my busiest clients, I started to test out a theory to see if a shorter, more productive workout could really get the same results as those 60+minute workouts.  And this is what I found...

Turns out getting a highly condensed workout with only the most effective exercises saved time (obvi), still provided that oh-so-wonderful endorphin boost, and helped everyone feel more successful -- and of course hit their goals!



IMG_5160 2_edited.jpg

Who is this NOT for?

  • Those who think workouts HAVE to be over 60 minutes or it doesn't count

  • Someone interested in body building

  • Those who prefer to spend excess time at the gym

This workout is perfect if:

  • You have a busy life and are short on time

  • You want fitness to empower your life and not run it!

  • You need structure with your workouts

  • You want to shed some fat so that lean muscle can shine through!

  • You want to spend less time trying to figure out what to do for your workout and more time with the things you love!

If you said yes to any of these ^ ^ ^

then this is for you!

fitness foundation

Workout with Slam Ball


Designed for you to naturally get stronger and more fit with weekly program progressions.

Your trainer creates expertly designed workouts that are safe, effective, and efficient.  Your goals get closer and closer -- with each workout under 30 minutes!

Each exercise has coaching tips and cues that are designed to save you TIME and get you RESULTS.

fitness foundation

Financial Report


We start with your baseline measurements so you can see your progress.  With your personalized app experience, it's easy to take simple measurements or get as detailed as you want with data!


You can track your progress with each workout to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck!

fitness foundation

Friends Who Work Out

community & support

Making changes is hard. But when you've got a team and a support system, it makes the difference from throwing in the towel -- to breaking through goals you weren't sure were even possible!

You'll get the coaching tips, motivation, and even form checks for when you're not sure if you're performing an exercise properly.

You'll also have the ability to connect virtually with other people in the group, who can understand what it's like to be short on TIME!

fitness foundation



As your coach, I'm here for you all the way!  

I know how hard it can be to overcome certain obstacles, and that's why I've created this program. I've taking my 10+ years of experience and hand-selected and designed the exact workouts and exercises that are going to save you time, get you fitter faster, and provide you with a realistic program.

Choose Your Program

Tying Shoelaces


This is the "no-frills" kind of workout, with no extra equipment required.  An ab mat would be helpful, but not required.


Just you, your body, and your workout.

Exercise Bands


For the band workout program, you'll need a few different types of bands + different resistance levels. 


Have questions about what kind of bands you need? Contact me!



You'll need at least one set of dumbbells that feel light, and one set slightly challenging. A sandbag or medicine ball also are helpful!



Once you purchase your subscription, your account is immediately set up.  We'll be hard at work to get things up and running so your program can begin as soon as possible!  You'll then be able to start personalizing your account.  Things like health and fitness history, your goals, and your measurements!



30 minutes.  That's seriously it.  If you have days where you have extra energy, I've got just the'll get coaching on how to best add in cardio, when to add cardio and when to avoid it.  Your personalized app will also be able to track your extra workout sessions so you can track and monitor your progress!


When you sign up, you'll enroll in a monthly subscription that can be cancelled at any time.  Your account is easy to manage and make any modifications needed.  You also can switch between programs.  So if you start off with the bodyweight program and acquire some new equipment, you can seamlessly switch programs.  Plus, you're working with a human!  I do my best to work with each client's needs and make things right.


You definitely can.  And if that keeps you going, then you have my full support.  But for the price of less than ONE in-person personal training session, you have a effective, efficient, and enjoyable program created just for you.  As a bonus, you get thorough exercise audio descriptions for exercises that have been proven to work, and access to an expert trainer to ask all the questions you've ever had about fitness & wellness.  Talk about an amazing resource in the palm of your hand!

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