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Let's be honest, navigating the fitness world is an overwhelming task.

Things are constantly changing and you don't have spare time (or desire) to research an entire fitness overhaul!

I get it! It's a huge task.  

That's why I've spent the last 10 years training clients and perfecting the art of designing and creating a safe, effective, and efficient workout.

Stretching Fitness
Home Fitness


Hitting your goals is important.  It will change your life.

But not seeing progress is far too common.

You're doing what the fitness world tells you to do, but nothing seems to change!

That leaves you feeling:

  • Confused (why burpees?!)

  • Frustrated (the scale hasn't budged!)

  • Unsure (where do you go from here?!)


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That's why I created your:

fitness foundation

Workout with Slam Ball


Designed for you to naturally get stronger and more fit with weekly program progressions.

Your trainer gives you expertly designed workouts that are safe, effective, and efficient.  Your goals get closer and closer!

Each exercise has coaching tips and cues and is expertly designed to save you time and get you results.

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We start with your baseline measurements so you can see your progress.  With your personalized app experience, it's easy to take simple measurements or get as detailed as you want with data!


As you progress, your program will adapt based on your performance indicators.  

Need your program more or less intense? Consider it done! Constant communication with your trainer allows for your program to be adjusted as needed.  Your trainer will see your progress and know exactly what to do!

Muscular Man Lifting Kettle Ball


Your trainer will assess any form questions you have. You get specific tips and coaching cues to help you master the move!

Imagine you're working out and not 100% sure on your form.  You've get immediate access to personalized coaching cues and tips to give you the confidence to progress and know if it's the right time to challenge yourself.

You'll get the coaching tips that will build your foundation and you've got those to keep wherever your path leads you.



Your expert coach will design and plan your workouts with years of experience to save you time, get you fitter faster, and provide you with a realistic program.

Trainer guided exercises to give you the confidence to know how to do the exercise and what intensity you should work at.

You’ll be in constant communication with your trainer via text, get workout reminders from your trainer, and get modifications and progressions to as you progress.  Your trainer responds to all of your questions in realtime, so you’re not left wondering!

Studio Fitness

This Is For You, If You...

  • Are struggling to get started and are overwhelmed with what to do.

  • Have limited range of motion and struggle to successfully execute certain exercises (like why do their squats look so deep?!)...This is for you!

  • Don't feel confident working out alone because you're afraid you might get hurt.

  • Need that extra push to keep you going and reminders to get your a$$ moving.

  • Want to finally have a game plan for how to approach fitness and wellness so you can implement it well beyond our time together...Then this is for you!


what equipment do i need?

I'm all about minimal equipment.  Starting off with a set of dumbbells that feel slightly challenging for you (usually between 5-15#), and an exercise mat are a great start.  Your program could also include a weighted sandbag, a stability or yoga ball, and some resistance bands.  Your coach will give you more specific guidance and as you begin your program to find out what weights and resistance levels are right for you.  If you have a gym membership, you can fully utilize that!  The best part? You’ll be investing in some very basic equipment that you get to keep and use at any time.


Once you purchase your subscription, your account is immediately set up.  We'll be hard at work to get things up and running so your program can begin as soon as possible!  You'll then be able to start personalizing your account.  Things like health and fitness history, your goals, and what equipment you currently have to use for workouts.  To personalized things even more, you have a 1:1 coaching call so your program is designed specifically to target your personal goals and needs.  This is no cookie-cutter program.  You'll be in constant communication with your coach to make any needed changes as your program progresses.  


Because your fitness program is going to be designed with you in mind, you and your coach will create a plan that is realistic and right for your time freedom or constraints.  You'll get a plan that help you progress safely, while also giving you the right amount of challenge!


The app that you use for your training is extremely interactive.  Your trainer will see you progress and know how to modify your program accordingly if it looks like the workouts are too much.  Same goes for an intensity that is too low.  With over 10 years of experience, I've been able to dial in the right intensity for each and every client to help them thrive and get to their goals without wasting time.


When you sign up, you'll enroll in a monthly subscription that can be cancelled at any time.  Your account is easy to manage and make any modifications needed.  Plus, you're working with a human! You won't be sending a message to a corporate company and then waiting for the message to be filtered to the right department.  I do my best to work with each client's needs and make things right.


You definitely can.  And if that keeps you going, then you have my full support.  But for the price of less than 2-3 in-person personal training sessions (in some locations), you have a comprehensive program created just for you, thorough exercise audio descriptions, exercises that have been proven to work, and access to an expert trainer to ask all the questions you've ever had about fitness & wellness.  Talk about an amazing resource in the palm of your hand!

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