TB Fit Foundations

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

12-week group coaching program to help you build healthy habits that will help burn fat, build muscle, and ditch the diets for good!  This program will teach you what you need to know for a lifetime of change.

If you're fed up with trying the latest and greatest diet or a new exercise that has promised to burn those "problem areas", this is for you!

If you're running low on energy or time, you'll be equipped with time-saving tips and trick to fuel your body

This is for you if...

You're tired of starting a new diet that is just crazy enough it has to work (but doesn't)!

You want to feel good in your body, your clothes, and want to have some clothing options besides "flowy"

You want to lose weight but food temptations always win!

You want to eat healthy, but hey, food should taste good!

Exercise is always tough but you feel like there should be a better way to train smart and efficient!​

Why TB Fit

Suitable for all stages of fitness

Flexible Schedule

Fully Virtual



Group Support



Learn how food can work for you

Professional Trainer

Expert Knowledge

Friends Who Work Out