Meet Tracy

(aka TB)

Tracy and Pepper.JPG

Certified Personal Trainer 
and Nutrition Coach

For years, clients have asked me about the best

workouts, nutrition plans and exercise from.


In fact, they’ve asked me so much, I’ve created a program that teaches you everything you need to know to get started (and see amazing results!).

My Clients Are Winning BIG With Things Like:

  • How to eat according to their body's fuel preference

  • Ways to workout even with an outrageously busy schedule!

  • How to lose fat even while enjoying the foods you love

  • Executing proper exercise form (which leads to less injury!)

  • How to not gain weight even when you can't workout

My Vision

I've always loved the 1:1 setting that a private training studio provides, but I also wanted to impact more people with this life-changing program. 


So I've done just that! A fully virtual program that brings expert coaching and a personalized program for you -- from the comfort of your home!