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Client Wins



Sara lost 10 pounds in her first month!


Some of her victories include increased energy, clothes fitting better, and motivation to workout.



Julie is enjoying seeing her numbers drop, but more importantly, she's noticing an improved mood & more energy throughout the day.


She no longer has to rely on a mid-afternoon sugar boost!



Brad has experienced a healthier relationship with food and overall less anxiety and stress.


He also has enjoyed healthier boosts in energy that help fuel his workouts.

Stretching Fitness

The Programs


Everyone has a unique background. We've all had different injuries, areas of chronic pain, and exercises that are just not right for us. 

That's why I've dedicated the last decade creating custimized fitness programs that work for every one of my clients.

No more cookie-cutter workouts or constant YouTube searches for the next best exercise. You get it all with my personalized fitness programs.


Are you ready for a nutrition plan that sets you up for long-term wins?

My nutrition programs help clients see results immediately. You can say goodbye to fad diets and counting your food "points". 

My approach to nutrition allows you to enjoy the foods you love, hit your weight loss targets, and never have to go on another diet again.


Tired of the Do-It-Yourself approach? 

Ready to stop wasting time and hit the ground running with results?

My ultimate coaching experience gives you everything you need to start hitting your goals...and fast!

This coaching is for someone who is ready to invest in their wellness once and for all. 

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